Gobo製造訂製流程-Custom-made gobo



2. 室內氣氛 圖案投影燈


户外廣告 圖案投射燈






7.  可編輯圖文雷射燈激光


9.  LED 舞台搖頭電腦燈
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∼   自 有 品 牌 G O B O 片  訂 製 流 程 方 法   ∼

Please send us your logo design data through email.
◆ By Illustrator in EPS or AI form, or Photoshop etc.
◆Windows format data of the Bitmap form. in 3600pixel or more.
With Adobe Illustrator please use CS version.
◆Please do not compress your graphic file
For photograph type gobo design please send high dpi. file. The suggestion is 300dpi or more.
If you don't have any of these, please write or draw it on a paper and fax/email to us.


◆ Custom-made gobo takes from 2-4 days
◆LOGO Projector and gobo are in stock, it can reach to you by EMS or UPS in 3-5 days (depend on the country)
◆After receiving mail, we will contact you in 1-2 business days.
◆We will inform you of the amount of payment and the delivery date.
◆ The flow  of the custom-made gobo production
send design draft to office ⇒ artwork making ⇒ customer's confirmation⇒ order ⇒ Gobo making ⇒ delivery of goods
◆During the gobo design correction, delivery time will be postponed .
◆For order -  Please append the form below after filling in and email to us.

 依目前台灣所使用電腦燈,掃瞄燈,搖頭燈,投影燈,投射燈所使用的GOBO的尺寸,    如下

廠    商    名    稱 GOBO直徑 GOBO內徑 不袗厚度 耐高溫玻璃厚度
統大圖文燈 投射燈 37.3mm 22mm 0.2mm 1.1mm~ 3.3mm
MAC500  電腦燈 27.5mm 22mm 0.2mm 1.1mm~ 3.3mm
O B Y      電腦燈 31.0mm 24mm 0.2mm 1.1mm~ 3.3mm
RUBE     電腦燈 27.0mm 22mm 0.2mm 1.1mm~ 3.3mm
LEKO     電腦燈 90.0mm 70mm 0.2mm 1.1mm~ 3.3mm
F    L      電腦燈 37.3mm 22mm 0.2mm 1.1mm~ 3.3mm
 C   L      電腦燈 66.0mm 50mm 0.2mm 1.1mm~ 3.3mm
GODEN   電腦燈 66.0mm 50mm 0.2mm 1.1mm~ 3.3mm
GRIVEN  投射燈 53.3mm 40mm 0.2mm 1.1mm~ 3.3mm

・・・☆ Type selection of custom-made GOBO ☆・・・

□ Stainless steel GOBO Gobo Design Interior design Lighting
□ Light- pervious glass GOBO
□ 1 color glass GOBO
□ 2 colors glass GOBO
□ 3 colors glass GOBO
□ Full color glass GOBO
□ Other products, projector or logo projector
□ Gobo size    outer diameter:   ? mm   /   design diameter:   ? mm GOBO
※If you don't know the size of gobo you need,  please ask us or the buyer.
□ Number of gobo : 1 design / 1 Set /3pcs 
□ Does the part where the design is black pass light? or not?
□ Spotlight type projector, logo projector, moving LOGO Projector
□ Projection method  □ Image projection □  Light-pervious projection
After you send us your logo or design, we will make it into gobo image for you to confirm and give you the quotation of prices. Please tell us which type of the projector and which type of gobo material you want. 
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Glass Gobo  Catalogue     | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |
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Tong-Da Industry Co.,LTD products LOGO Projector, interior light, glass gobo and metal gobo are all manufactured and assembled in Taiwan. Our company is the direct sale of export and mail order to overseas.  

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